Hi I'm Nicky
A web developer, animal lover and amateur photographer


I am a front end web developer based in Norfolk, United Kingdom with an upper second Honors Degree in Computer Science. I am currently working as a lead web developer at Aviva, where I am a lead front end developer on lots of varied projects on the many sites that Aviva are responsible for.

I strive to build functional, streamlined and usability oriented websites, using the latest website standards and principles.

During more than 9 years working in the web industry and over 12 years working in the general IT industry I have gained a broad experience and understanding on the various projects I have worked on.

Hobbies and interests

My dog

I am now a proud owner of a gorgeous chocolate labrador called Bracken. She's been a lot of work this last two years but worth it.

I am now taking her to agility and flyball classes and very much looking forward to competing with her.

My cats

I have two cats, Kari and Kira who definitely rule over the house. Kari has to be a labrador in kitty clothing with her constant scavenging for food (worse than the actual Labrador) where as Kira is the calculating, very talkative one.


I've always enjoyed photography, in particular wildlife and nature. Since investing in a digital camera I have gained an increased interest in the subject and have gradually added to and upgraded my camera setup.

You can view some of my favourite and best photos on Flickr.

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There is no point denying it, I am not a good cook, but I do love to try. So I thought I would put the recipes that have worked for me and that everyone seems to like to eat on to my website.

After being diagnosed with Coeliac Disease I have tried baking with plain gluten-free flour and have had no problems. The produce is simply of finer texture and/or more crumbly.

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